Sunday, April 16, 2017


i thought she was alright…I don’t know I guess I just feel like maybe I’m a little tired of seeing how when you take away someone’s face there’s more (the photo series of the girls’ backs) since that was a major theme in one of tyanna’s works. I thought it was cool when she talked about asking others to construct a still-life so it was a representation of them – I took a portraiture art history class sometime last year so I think that would’ve been an interesting point of discussion. I enjoyed hearing how others pushed her to stop with her normal boring hospital jobs and go for things that really fulfilled her; I feel like in previous artist talks they weren’t really stuck in things they didn’t want to do, or at least they just never brought it up. Yeah, I also thought it was interesting how she described the lamps she used in her project as her kids – artists -> make stuff ->similar to having kids I guess



art-making and kids

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