Monday, April 17, 2017

"social transparency" projects

1.) Malcom's decorate me with chocolate syrup and other sugary sundae liquids

2.) Madeira's hot cocoa


3.) Noah's talking about his cereal and eating habits while eating a bowl of it


4.) Sara's taking medications


5.) Hannah's crocheting


i thought it might be cool to do something easter themed
i originally was just gonna have everyone eat the candy (including me) and we could all hear (not listen)
but then then you realize what time and day it is and everyone’s wearing sunday dresses
if I had longer time I probably would’ve hidden them more thoroughly within the studio => more collaboration
i wasn’t really sure when to end it, which is why i wanted others to go before me
I think maybe I should’ve waited a little bit after after all the eggs had been opened, instead of ending it as soon as they were
but then it gets awkward with everyone waiting for something else to happen and youre standing there with a sign and your glasses are slipping off your nose and all of these cameras are pointed at you
I thought it was really interesting that we acted as participants/viewers/documenters
I think it made a huge difference that we were part of the interactive pieces and taking pictures/filming at the same time
I think we would’ve interacted more with the pieces if we weren’t supposed to be documenting because we wouldn’t have been so focused on doing it
Yeah we were kind of constrained by our devices
Because even when you film/photograph a live event, you still want to look above and away and take in (drink in) the performance

I guess it’s a bit voyeuristic

Sunday, April 16, 2017


i thought she was alright…I don’t know I guess I just feel like maybe I’m a little tired of seeing how when you take away someone’s face there’s more (the photo series of the girls’ backs) since that was a major theme in one of tyanna’s works. I thought it was cool when she talked about asking others to construct a still-life so it was a representation of them – I took a portraiture art history class sometime last year so I think that would’ve been an interesting point of discussion. I enjoyed hearing how others pushed her to stop with her normal boring hospital jobs and go for things that really fulfilled her; I feel like in previous artist talks they weren’t really stuck in things they didn’t want to do, or at least they just never brought it up. Yeah, I also thought it was interesting how she described the lamps she used in her project as her kids – artists -> make stuff ->similar to having kids I guess



art-making and kids