Tuesday, June 6, 2017

final inm project

i see this project as a compromise of my artistic and technical abilities and ambitions -
this is the first time the medium i've used is completely web, so not counting adobe suite
i think some people see the web moreover technology as something that can augment or devalue art,
i think the former, but just like any medium, it takes a while to master it, to get it to do what you want it to do to fully illustrate your artistic vision
sooo clearly this project diverges from my initial idea of group dynamics - i'm gonna try to get into game engines this summer so i can implement that - but it does stem from that same social situation. it is some form of a game, that aims to dispel societal stereotypes, but if my skills were at a higher level, i would have liked to gone further with it
like i was trying to continuously automatically play the videos but my computer couldn't take it, and i think it wouldve been cool if i had used images of my own created through some kind of software, and i would've liked to keep score maybe but time
i hope you guys enjoy it, and i hope to build off of it in future projects 

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